Zeppole di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph’s Day Fritters)

St.Joseph’s Day brings about a special treat for those with a sweet tooth.  So get your baking gloves on and start preparing these scrumptious deep-fried Italian Fritters.

Traditionally consumed on the 19th March, Zeppole are mostly popular in Naples, Rome and Sicily. They are made with pasta choux or cream puff dough. The pastry dough is piped into nests and deep-fried creating a crispy outer crust.  The pastry nests are usually filled with crema pasticcera and garnished with an amarena cherry.

Check out this recipe below to make your own heavenly Zeppole! If you are up for the challenge try making the crema pasticcera from scratch, however we won’t complain if you opt for ready made!

Bon apetito!