WOW Draw Today

We would like to inform our customers that we will be carrying out the WOW draw today. Following find the process:

  1. This morning we will be updating our systems with all code submissions and receipt data.
  2. We will carry out a quality check to ensure that all data has been generated and uploaded.
  3. Arkadia has engaged two legal counsels to supervise the process and ensure that the competition has been carried out in a proper manner.
  4. After all data has been secured, we will generate a digital ticket for every ticket awarded to each participant.
  5. Our system will then carry out a random pick of the finalists.
  6. The finalists will then be notified by SMS to contact us to claim their prize.
  7. Once the finalists contact Arkadia, a competitive question will be asked.
  8. If the question is answered correctly, the finalist will become a winner and can provide Arkadia with his/her details so the prize can be sent.
  9. List of finalists will be available soon on

We would like to thank all our customers for participating in our shopping competition.