When was the last time you had breakfast in bed?

Valentine’s is approaching and the day should not just be about exchanging of gifts and a fine dinner. Start the day with breakfast in bed. It is a wonderful way of telling someone that he or she is special. After all pampering is one of many secrets to spicing up the relationship with your loved one.  

Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. It’s the thought that counts. But our following tips will help you add a touch to make the day more memorable and make the event go a little smoother.


Surprise! Surprise!

Make sure you have a good excuse ready if your loved one wakes up too soon. You know… “Go back to sleep. I’m just getting up to…” Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare before that special someone would ordinarily wake up.

Show Some Love

If you’re preparing something with love, let it show. Heart-shaped cookie cutters are just the thing to make romantic pancakes. Scissors are all you need to make heart-shaped toast.  Even a simple splash of red – strawberries, cherries or jam – can give any plate a feeling of something special.

The Little Things Do Count

A basic bowl of cereal is one thing, but that same bowl on a doiler with a vase of flowers, a handsomely folded napkin and fine silverware is another. From salt and pepper to cream and sugar to the morning paper, leave no excuse for your loved one to get out of bed. It is all in the detail.

The Gift of Health

While it’s okay to splurge on special occasions with richer, fattening foods, you might consider using breakfast in bed as a time to show you care about someone’s health. Fruit smoothies and vegetarian omelettes are some examples of the several healthier breakfast options you could choose from.

Be Creative

Try hiding a poem or a small flat gift under a plate. That tiny space is perfect for hiding tickets to a show or a vacation destination. Keep the surprises coming. Show you have thought it through. Make it a moment to remember.

Booze Adds Class

We associate celebrations with liquor. Breakfast in bed should be no exception. It only takes half a glass of champagne to transform half a glass of orange juice into a Mimosa. Add a couple teaspoons of Grand Marnier to plain pancake to create something you’d be proud to serve with a amusing French accent!

Crumbs in Bed Ruin the Mood

Prevent a mess. You certainly don’t want to ruin the bedspread. Get your hands on a breakfast-in-bed tray. You can purchase one from Arkadia Home on level 2.

Don’t Forget The Kiss

Yes! It is quite obvious. Take a break from the presentation. Forget about the food. Focus on the moment. Stop for a few seconds. Stare her/him in the eyes. Show some love and affection and pucker up! The perfect entrée for a wonderful morning.

Close the deal: Clean-up

A dirty kitchen is a rotten gift. A true breakfast-in-bed aficionado knows the job isn’t done until the dishes are washed and the bed is made. This not only completes the job; it also sets a tone for the day.

Make your next breakfast in bed something to remember!

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