We Have a Crust on Crostini

Trio of Crostini

In Italian meaning little toasties.  More commonly we know it as a bruschetta. Crostini are another term for grilled or toasted sliced baguette style bread. Served at parties, as a starter or with drinks…. perfect topped with anything you like. We have come up with three of our favourite toppings, ideal for the hot months to come.

You will need

Grilled sliced crusty baguette (or any bread of your choice)


Soft goat cheese – Walnut  – Honey

Caramelized onion – marinated white anchovies – black olives

Cook finely sliced onions in a little butter until soft. Add 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar and 1 tbsp sugar and cook until golden.

Fresh Mussels – Basil – Cherry Tomato

In a little olive oil, cook some sliced garlic, a few cherry tomatoes and some basil. Add a dash of white wine, the cleaned mussels and toss together for 2 minutes. Add more fresh basil leaves and black pepper. Serve immediately.

The above feature appeared in our May-Jun ’13 issue of the foodie.