The Curious Product – Goat Butter

There is always a curious product that our customers meet with suspicion. Our first example is goat butter. With our allegiances to cow butter, oils and lard, how will it behave in cooking? Can it be used in a cake? Does it taste as good as cow butter?

Goat butter doesn’t make much of a visual impression: it is white, like commercial lard.  Tasting it, though, for the first time is a different story. It’s creamy, gentle, lighter than cow butter and, well, goaty. It doesn’t have as much tang as goat cheese but it does have a little, and it maintains much of the earthy fragrance of the milk.

Goat butter’s moisture content is higher than cow butter’s, and it is always unsalted. But otherwise the two are interchangeable in most dishes. Goat butter is ideal to sauté  vegetables or to crisply roast some new potatoes. Or else try goat butter in its simplicity on some toasted Maltese bread with a dash of local honey.