Sneak Peak of things* S/S Colour Themes

As Spring/Summer is approaching, we have prepared a sneak peak of the colour themes our buyers at things* are focusing on to provide the hottest and trendiest fashion jewellery and accessories around.

City Style – grey colour, so ubiquitous in 2008 will still go strong into 2009. It gives a fine touch to everlasting black and white combination. This will be a part of elegant classic for the next season yet again. Bright yellow and red bring some excitement into otherwise strict order of well-established colour combinations and geometrical shapes.   
Colours of Desert – the softness of topaz tones promoted by pink shades of silk glass is underlined by dark garnet colour. Fascination in miraculous natural curves is shown in pursuit to create the illusion of shape substance.
Ocean Intensity – playful easiness of transparent colours reflected on the gleamy facets of cut shapes reminiscent of sun flashes shining through undulating water. The predominant blue tones are softened by dark purple and stirred up by sharp green.  
Oasis for you – pleasant and clearly lovely combination of natural colours and shapes. Floral shapes in olive green promoted by darling bud colour will fit easily with natural textile materials.