TYDNYDN-Seven Cool Facts About Refrigerators

Seven Cool Facts About Refrigerators

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In the supply chain that lands food on our table, the refrigerator is probably the most revolutionary invention of all.

The first artificial refrigeration systems where created around 1750, but it wasn’t until 1834 that the first working vapour-compression refrigeration system was built. This was followed by the first commercial ice-making machine in 1854.

Eventually in 1913, the first home refrigerator was invented. In 1923 Frigidaire introduced the first self-contained unit.

But did you know

  1. Albert Einstein is said to have been a co-inventor of the refrigerator, so if E=mc2 is his scientific genius, the fridge would be his culinary genius. Thank you Albert!
  2. The world’s largest refrigeration unit is the “Hadron Collider”, the world’s largest and most expensive science instrument. It is an amazing 27 kilometres long and uses 9300 magnets and over 10,000 tonnes of liquid nitrogen for cooling
  3. We are not kidding you on this. Did you know that in the US, November 15th is celebrated yearly as “National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?”
  4. The first US refrigeration patent was filed by a Florida doctor looking for a way to keep fever-stricken patients from sweltering
  5. The freezer, which is now an integral part of refrigerators, was invented in 1939.
  6. This should come as no surprise, but your refrigerator door is one of the most opened doors in your home. Now those are some quality hinges.
  7. Initially, installing a home fridge meant cutting up your floor. The first home refrigerator came in two parts—the machinery and motor went in the basement, and connected through the floor up to an ice box filled with refrigerant.

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