Santa Marija @ Arkadia = Convenience


When visiting Gozo, where else can you go and find whatever you need? Be it for food, fashion or home shopping, Arkadia Commercial Centre is the number one destination.
With the Santa Marija long weekend coming up, Arkadia Commercial Centre will be open all day on Sunday 14 August 2011. That is extra convenience to ensure Gozo visitors can get whatever they need during their mid-Summer visit.
Also one should also not miss out on the fantastic BBQ2GO promotion at Arkadia Foodstore in Gozo. Food shoppers can get their hands on a free BBQ2GO pack with their purchase of €100 or more. Each pack consists of €30 in BBQ essential products such as beer, wine, BBQ sauce, and much more.
It is important to note that apart from the Santa Marija weekend, Arkadia Foodstore in Gozo has started to open on Sunday evenings as well. Food shoppers can now be served all week with Sunday opening hours set in the morning from 9AM to 1PM and in the evening from 4pm to 7pm.