Portobello Mushroom

Portobello mushrooms, also known as ‘portobella’mushrooms and ‘crimini’ mushrooms, or by theirscientific name, agaricus bisporus, are one of themost widely distributed mushrooms, found in everycontinent and almost every climate. Portobellomushrooms are easy to identify because of theirlarge size, which is at least four inches in diameter,and their characteristic brownish color. Portobellomushrooms also have a deep musty smell that makesit seem like they were just picked up from the forest.

Portobello mushrooms are white and rounded whenyoung. As they mature, the cap of the mushroombecomes flat and acquires their distinguishing darkcolor. Young Portobello mushrooms are known bythe name Crimini or baby Bella.The name “portobello” began to (more…)