Pineapple fried rice with Pine nuts and Chicken

Yield: serves 4

4 Cups Cooked Rice – drained & totally cooled
1 Pineapple
6 Tbsp Soya Sauce & extra for Chicken
3 Sticks of Fresh Garlic – peeled
6 Sticks Spring Onions
100 Grams Pine Nuts
4 Eggs
1 Small Container Baby Corn
1 Small Container Mange Tout (Sweet Peas)
300 Grams Chicken Breast
A Few Drops Sesame Seed Oil
Onion Salt (or Chicken Stock Granules)
Oil for Cooking

Dice the chicken and marinate in a little soya sauce and some salt.

Wash and cut the mange tout in halves. Wash and cut the baby corn in quarters. Chop the garlic. Chop the spring onions. Cut the pineapple in half (vertically) and scoop out the insides of it. Discard the hard bits and finely chop the pulp.

In a hot wok, add some oil, heat and toast the pine nuts. Remove and set aside. Add some more oil and cook the diced chicken, then set aside. Beat the eggs. Heat up some more oil, add a tsp of fresh garlic and the eggs and cook, stirring, until cooked (scrambled) and set aside.

Heat some more oil, add the spring onions, cook very quickly, add the garlic, the mange tout and baby corn and keep cooking and stirring. Then, add the chicken, toasted pine nuts and pineapple. Toss together, add rice and soya sauce. Stir and cook until it heats through. Add the egg. Sprinkle with onion salt and pepper, mix and season further if needed. Scoop into the pineapple halves and serve.