Malta’s Favourite Bean – The Fava Bean

The Broad Bean, also known as fava bean or bell bean is one of the most abundant seasonal crops during the Spring months. It is very popular amongst locals and a very important ingredient in local dishes that are common at this time of year. The kisksu, qassatat and pies are an example.

The season of the broad bean is relatively short. After that, unless frozen, the beans can be dried and used later during the year. Broad beans, in Maltese known as ‘ful‘, are good, versatile and healthy. You can use them in bakes, in soups, mixed with salads, as side dishes and also eaten raw with the famous ‘hobz biz-zejt‘. One funny thing about them is they are a bit addictive!  The young beans are sweet and really good when eaten raw. So you start by having one, and the next thing…they are gone!