Let’s Get Nuts on Macadamia!

Macadamia nuts are also known as Australian nuts, Queensland nuts, as well as bush nuts. The nut originated from Australia but is now also commercially cultivated in Hawaii, California, South Africa, and some parts of South America.

Macadamia trees where originally grown for ornamental purposes. The macadamia tree grows to about 15 meters in height. In general, the tree reaches maturity and begins to produce fruit at around the seventh year of plantation.

From Ornament to Edible

The macadamia nut is encased in an extremely hard shell, difficult to crack. This is the main reason it took so long for the inner nutmeat to be discovered as a tasty food source. The tree was named after chemist John MacAdams by his friend and colleague, Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Australia. MacAdams died shipboard while en route to taste the nut named for him.

Sweet, delicious and flavourful, macadamias are one of the popular edible nuts packed with notable health benefiting nutrients. Macadamias are characterised by their crisp texture, delicate flavour, versatility of use and long shelf life.

Macadamias Are Healthy

Macadamias are also very healthy. Medical research has shown that the consumption of macadamias may significantly lower the risk of heart disease. Macadamias are rich in macadamia oil, which is very stable and contains high levels of the nutritionally important monounsaturated fatty acids. Macadamias are free of cholesterol as well as gluten. One reason why macadamias are an essential ingredient in the preparation of gluten-free food.

Following find three recipes using macadamia nuts. We hope find the time to give them a try and enjoy them.

Macadamia and Almond Tart

Macadamia & Almond Tart


Salad with Warm Prawns, Avocado and Macadamia Nuts

Salad with Warm Prawns, Avocado and Macadamia Nuts


Macadamia coated fried local gbejna

Macadamia Coated Fried Local Gbejna


This feature has been reproduced from the foodie | Issue 19 (Jan-Feb 2012).