Lamb Wrap with Red Cabbage, Mint & Prunes

Waste not want not! Huge roast lunch? Here’s an idea for the leftover Easter lamb. Ideal for lunch or a light dinner.

Lamb wrapsRecipes & Photography by Claire Borg
Yield: Serves 4


Roast Lamb Trimmings
Red Cabbage
Fresh Mint
Pitted Prunes
Iceberg Lettuce
Red Leicester Cheddar Cheese (or another cheese of your liking)
4 Wraps
English Mustard


Spread some English mustard over the wrap, then lace shredded cabbage mixed with some mint, then lettuce, the pitted prunes, cheese and the cold lamb. Wrap tightly and roll. Repeat with the 4 wraps. Place on a hot griddle to toast and warm if desired.


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This recipe has been reproduced from the foodie | Issue 20  (Mar-Apr 2013).