Kaptan Xrink @ ARKADIA

Xrink, his chief assistant Squeezer, together with Gawwi, will be visiting ARKADIA to give what is being considered to be their first ever face to face meeting with the general public… mummies, daddies, and kids…on dry land. The 3 of them will sing with whoever dares to sing with them, they will dance together with those who would love to move…whichever the pace, and surely enough they will surely put a lot of smiles on all the faces of those present.. So dearest kids get your chance to meet them, take photos with them, and have lots and lots of fun together while your mummy and daddy are shopping at ARKADIA!

When: Saturday, 6 December 2008

Time: Show starts at 2PM

Where: Function Room (ex-Car Showroom), Arkadia, Gozo

Entrance is FREE. All kids are inivited.

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