It’s Party Time!

A house party is always a good excuse to meet up with friends. Knowing there is a big event live on TV makes things even more inviting. This month TV time is even more attractive with the UEFA Champions League Final (Saturday 19th) and the Eurovision Song Contest Final (Saturday 26th). Also let us not forget the Euro Championship next month! So why not put up a party for friends? Following are some quick and easy suggestions to make the right impression and still enjoy your time in front of the telly!

Chicken Party Bites with Sweet Onion Relish

Cook the chicken bites according to packet instructions.
Serve on a bed of green salad leaves with a side pot of Sweet onion Relish.


Cucumber & Salmon Canapés

Wash and cut the cucumber into discs.
Add a blob of salmon pate or if using a tubed pate,
pipe some onto each disc and garnish with fresh herbs
and a sliver of tomato.


Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Bigilla

Wash the cherry tomatoes, cut and scoop out the insides.
Fill with bigilla and garnish with fresh herbs of your liking.




Sweet chilli Cream Cheese with Water Biscuits

Turn out a whole 200 gram container of cream cheese onto a plate
and scrape off some from the top to create a small crater.
Fill with sweet chilli sauce and serve with any gallett of your liking.

Grilled Prawns Wrapped in Prosciutto

Wrap a slice of cured ham (Italian prosciutto or Spanish jamon) around a thawed shelled cooked prawn. Continue until you wrap all the prawns. Allow about2 to 3per person.

On a hot griddle, grill for about 1 minute on each side.  Serve warm.


Home-made Paprika chips

To make a large bowl you will need 2 large potatoes.

Wash and scrub well the potatoes.
Using a potato peeler cut all the potatoes into thin shavings.
In a deep fat fryer containing hot oil, cook the potato shavings in batches, until golden.
Drain well, pat dry with plenty of kitchen paper, then sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and paprika.