How much is that doggy in the window?!

petweek_webiconAt Arkadia Foodstore we know that keeping our pets can be at times, somewhat challenging, we all want the best for our pets so they can enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life so this week we decided to treat our furry friends with some fantastic buy one get one free offers and 50% discounts on pet products.  To boot, we’re also handing over a free treat for your dog or cat with every purchase of pet food this week.

In the spirit of our theme this week, we thought we’d share with you some interesting “dogtales” from the USA and we found it’s not so much, “how much is that doggy in the window, but, how much money can that doggy in the window earn!”

It’s not always a “dog’s life” for some cute canines and posh pups stateside…

“Trouble Helmsley”, a Maltese, inherited a $12 million dollar trust fund when her wealthy owner passed away. Before and since her astronomical doggy inheritance, “Trouble” is hand-fed all of her meals, wears designer clothing and goes for rides around town in a stretched limousine! Upon “Trouble’s” death, she is to be buried in the Helmsley mausoleum, next to her owner’s remains. The mausoleum must be steam-cleaned once a year and has a lovey view for visitors. “Trouble” is certainly not living a dog’s life!

We all have fond memories of “Lassie” the wonder dog, a smart Collie that was always only a whistle away from saving the day, therefore, it may come as a surprise to you that the dog who played Lassie on television was actually a male. “Pal” was bred many times so that the Lassie line could continue. They used males to play Lassie because they have a thicker coat, which looks better on the screen. The producers of Lassie made sure to cover Pal’s private region during shooting, because Lassie was supposed to be a female.  Lassie made $250 each week and was transported in style to shoot scenes in Monterrey, California. The dog’s earnings were initially put into insurance to protect him against traveling accidents, bomb threats, etc.

Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton is notorious for pampering her animals, particularly her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is fed gourmet food, and in fact, a used can of it fetched $305 on eBay. Tinkerbell dons jeweled collar charms, designer clothes and has scheduled house calls for hair appointments and deep tissue massages. Tinkerbell is carted around in a $1,800 dollar Louis Vuitton pet carrier bag. Talk about a doggie bag!


Arkadia Foodstore kicks off PET LOVERS WEEK on Monday, 31 January 2011. Lots of great offers on pet food products. More information to follow.