Food for love…

Valentine’s is inching closer…They say the stomach is the key to a man’s heart. Whether this is true or not, this issue proffers interesting food compositions both for the veterans of this art and for those who are simply novice. Consider giving breakfast in bed a miss and go for our suggested romantic brunch for two.


Raspberry Frappe
This is a simple and attractive twist to your breakfast drinking. Show some love and attention this Valentine’s Day with our frappe suggestion.

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble
Who doesn’t love a nice warm fruity crumble? Especially on a chilly cold morning. Forget apple this time and try the sweet-sour taste of rhubarb in our suggested crumble recipe.

Vanilla French Toast with Blackberries
Toast doesn’t have to so predictable. Spring a surprise with our deluxe French toast recipe.

Dragon Fruit, Mango and Cherry Fruit Cups
Every given dragon fruit a try? Dragon fruit tastes wonderful! The fruit is sweet and crunchy, with a flavour that is like a cross between kiwi and pear.