Figolli Baking Anyone?

With the end of March comes  Easter, a time for celebrations, food and figolli, the popular treat for many.  We are sure that most of you will be busy baking in the days to come.  For any kitchen baking needs Arkadia Foodstore as well as Arkadia Home are your best go-to source . From marzipan sheets to figolli cutters, premium cooking chocolate to utensils, you will find all on your one stop visit to Arkadia. 

We all have our own figolla recipe. All good, slightly different, traditional almond filled pasties to celebrate Easter. However here are a few ideas on how to make them ‘look’ a bit different, but still taste the best!

figolli blog photo1


Figolla decoration no.1
Coated with melted chocolate, then with alphabet letters to write names, or Happy Easter. Great idea for kids to decorate their own figolli!




figolli blog photo2


Figolla decoration no.2
Use cutters and cut our shapes of coloured sugar paste. Decorate with melted chocolate, colourful icing cutouts and sparkly sprinkles!



figolli blog photo3



Figolla decoration no.3
Our absolute favourite. Dark melted chocolate brushed on liberally, and sprinkled with a generous helping of dried fruit and nuts. We have used walnut and cranberry but create your own mixes…be creative!





Figolli Competition – get in the chance to WIN €50 voucher from Arkadia Foodstore
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Figolla for Charity
We are happy to announce that on Easter Saturday, David’s Bakery will be setting up a massive figolla at Arkadia Commercial Centre. Customers can get a piece of the figolla in return for a donation. The charity which will benefit from this initiative still needs to be announced. More information following soon but we are really excited about this initiative.

The above article was featured in the foodie no.20. Check out the online copy of the foodie here>>