Remember Yesterday


Christmas wasn’t always as lavish as it is now, with presents for everyone! Back in the 40s, for instance, things changed dramatically when the war started. Some families celebrated in the shelters to stay safe, while few could afford to exchange gifts. Children would play card games like Blackout or Vacuation, and adults were given useful presents… such as gas mask cases! Nevertheless, families cherished their time together and made Christmas as special as they possibly could.

This Christmas, why not remember the magic of yesteryear by reliving the past a little?


As you enjoy your festive celebrations, make some time to spend with an elderly member of your community – whether a relative, friend, or even someone living in an Old People’s Home.

Encourage them to share their stories from the past, and to relive their memories of Christmas from when they were growing up. How did they celebrate? What foods were eaten? What sort of presents were given? And what funny anecdotes do they remember? Perhaps you could encourage them to look at old photos, while you create a video diary, or a scrapbook, of their tales so they will never be forgotten. Remembering yesterday will make us richer tomorrow, and give everyone around us a Merry Christmas to treasure!

Share your past Christmas stories with us. We would love to hear all about that special memory that your parents, grandparents or even you reminiscent about! Keep the memory alive and post your story in the comment box below.