Chasing Pandora @ ARKADIA

Chasing Pandora are proud to announce that they will be performing an intimate unplugged performance at the Arkadia ‘chill out’ sessions in their ground floor function room from 6pm on Saturday 20th December to celebrate Arkadia’s  10 year anniversary.

Melissa and Keith will be performing songs from several of their hit EP’s including ‘Feel The  Rain’, ‘Memories’ and their new single ‘Wide Eyed Beautiful’ plus songs from their debut album ‘Mocking The Mockingbird’.


There will also be a wine tasting event before and after the concert. The selected brand for the night is GATO NEGRO from Chile. Wines for the tasting session have been provided by Attard & Co Foodstuffs Ltd who are the main representatives and distributors of the Gato Negro brand in Malta.