ARKADIA Launches Gozo Photo Competition

Arkadia Marketing Ltd. is gradually establishing itself as one of Malta’s main fashion, home and food retailers. The fully-owned subsidiary of the Mizzi Organisation can be considered as one of Gozo’s major enterprises while its commercial centre in Victoria has established itself as one of Gozo’s must-stop destinations once visitors come to Gozo.

This Summer Arkadia has embarked on a nation-wide promotional campaign promoting Gozo. The name of the campaign was ‘Gotta go to Gozo’ with advertising appearing on TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, and online. Even a set of shopping bags were designed and distributed through all of Arkadia’s retail outlets situated in Malta pushing the campaign message in print to shopping locations such as Valletta, Sliema, Paola, St. Julian’s, and Bugibba.


Second Phase of Campaign

Arkadia has now launched the second phase of its ‘Gotta go to Gozo’ campaign with an online photo competition. As Arkadia has done its part to promote Gozo, now the company is encouraging customers to do their part.

Arkadia is giving out €2000 in FREE shopping to 14 finalists. To participate in the photo competition one has to be a registered Facebook user. Through the competition website – – participants can submit as many photos they like. The most important part is that the photos submitted have to be relevant and communicate a valid reason by people ‘gotta go to Gozo’.

Finalists will win €2000 in FREE Shopping as follows:

1st Place: €500
2nd Place: €300
3rd Place: €200
4th to 10th Place: €100 each
11th to 14th Place: €75 each

Vote for your favourite photos

The general public can also visit the website – – to view all the photos submitted. Register Facebook users can then vote for their favourite photos. The top 14 photos with the most votes collected through the website and Facebook will then be shortlisted for final voting by a technical panel. Final classification of photos will be weighed on 2 main criterias – 1. How relevant the photo is to the camapaign message; 2. Creativity and originality of the photo where the photographer is capable of expressing a different aspect of Gozo through their camera.


Voting will cease on Monday, 13 September 2010. Final judging of the 14 finalists will be carried out immediately and the winners will be announced on Monday, 20 September, 2010.


Arkadia photo competition is yet another initiative taken by the company this year to assist in promoting Gozo. Other initiatives included the production of ‘Your Gozo Guide’, sponsoring the production of the Malta Tourism Authority’s maps of Gozo, and sponsoring the production of Heritage Malta’s Ggantija Temples brochure. Arkadia will also be one of the main sponsors for the latest service directory which will be produced by the Gozo Tourism Assosciation.