Arkadia Foodstore customers visit the Delicata Winery


We just recently organised a visit for our customers to the Emmanuel Delicata winery. The excursion was held on Thursday, 18 February, 2010, and a handsome group of customers from both foodstores attended. It was an interesting visit were our customers had the opportunity to see the Delicata winery, learn about the industrious process of making wine, and appreciate the different blends of wines thanks to a wine talk and tasting session carried out by Bill Hermitage. A big thanks to the staff of Emmanuel Delicata Winemakers for making the visit possible.

We plan to organise further culinary outings of this type in the future. Therefore if you missed out this time and want to ensure that you are part of the next party, then send us an e-mail on to be amongst the first to know.